Thermowells & Protection Tubes

Series: GTW / GPT

Genese Thermowells and Protection Tubes serve as a protective barrier between process media and temperature sensors such as Thermometer or Thermocouple, or Resistance Temperature Detector. These are often used in almost all industrial process systems as a primary requirement. In addition to providing protection to sensors, it also provides easier serviceability and reduces operating costs. This can be made from a variety of materials and can be machined from solid bar stock drilled, or fabricated from pipe and are generally attached into the process in different ways such as Flanged or Threaded or Welded or Sanitary Cap connections. Insertion length can be considered suitably to application, but in general it should be inserted into 1/3rd or 2/3rd depth of the fluid stream for better temperature reading.

Bar stock drilled Thermowell construction preferred for the shorter lengths where wake frequency calculation required due to process media containing pressure and velocity. Protection tubes or fabricated pipe wells are generally less expensive than drilled bar stock and are used in applications where pressure and velocity are low enough that the stronger drilled bar stock types aren’t required or where long lengths are needed.  Different types of Shank shapes are used such as parallel or fully tapered or tapered tip or reduced tip.  Tapered shank provide greater strength without sacrificing sensitivity, because of its higher strength to weight ratio, it also provides greater resistance to high frequency vibrations than straight, this also permits reliable operation at high fluid velocities.

Flanged connection is used for the installations where the well needs to be removed more frequently due to corrosion or other reasons. Well flange bolted to a mating flange mounted to the process nozzle are more appropriate for high pressure applications and larger pipe sizes.

Threaded connections are preferred for smaller diameters for the installations where not required to be removed on a regular basis and corrosion is not a serious problem, By threading into a coupling or threadolet, the well is attached directly to the vessel or run pipe.  Threaded connection is less expensive compared to Flanged.

Socketweld or direct weldin connections used for the installations where immediate or repeated access is not required and also preferred for high pressure, high temperature steam applications.  Welded connections provide a high quality connection, but obviously cannot be removed without significant effort.  Welded connection is less expensive compared to Flanged.

Sanitary cap/fitting connection provides for the applications where hygiene process involved such as food and pharma industry.

ASME PTC 19.3 TW (2016) standard is a widely used code for Thermowells machined from bar stock and includes those welded to or threaded into a flange as well as those welded into a process vessel or pipe with or without a weld adaptor, but does not account for pipe wall flexibility/ovalization.

Verity of RTD’s, Thermocouples, and Temperature Gauges / Switches (with or without Capillary) offered along with Thermowells or Protection Tubes on request.  Refer attached respective catalogues for more details

Quality assurance programs strictly conform to relevant national/international standards and Thermowells / Protection Tubes are inspected and tested at the factory before shipment.

Products List

Bar Stock Drilled Threaded Thermowell
Bar Stock  Drilled Weldable Thermowell
Bar Stock Drilled Vanstone Thermowell
Bar Stock Drilled Flanged Thermowell
Bar Stock Drilled Flanged High Velocity Collar Thermowell
Bar Stock Drilled Flanged High Velocity SpiralWell Thermowell
Bar Stock Drilled Sanitary (Hygiene) Thermowell
Pipe Fabricated Flanged (Protection Tube) Thermowell
Pipe Fabricated Threaded (Protection Tube) Thermowell
Pipe Fabricated Weldable (Protection Tube) Thermowell
Special Service Built-Up High Temperature Thermowell
Special Service Protection for Thermowell (Sleeve/Lining/Coating)

Bar Stock Thermowells