Instrumentation Accessories

Series: GA

Genese, There are many technologies and instruments used for measuring, monitoring and controlling processes in a seemingly endless array of applications spanning across process industries. Each instrument in every application requires an Instrumentation Accessory best suited to ensure accurate and reliable results. We are here to provide you with unparalleled instrument accessories.

Quality assurance programs strictly conform to relevant national/international standards.  Instrumentation Accessories are inspected and tested at the factory before shipment.

Products List

Gauge Adaptor
Gauge Union (Universal Adaptor)
Pulsation Dampener (Snubber)
Gauge Saver
Syphon (Pigtail)
Syphon (U)
Gauge Cock (2-Way)
Gauge Cock (3-Way)
Cooling Tower (Barstock-Spins/Spirals)
Cooling Tower (Barstock-Perforations)
Cooling Tower (Tube-Perforations)
Autoclave Connector/Adaptor
Pointer Puller & Fixer Kit
Impulse Tube
Tri-Clover® Clamp (Light duty)
Tri-Clover® Clamp (Heavy duty)
SMS Union (Sanitary / Hygiene)
IDF Union (ISS Union)
Screw for flange
Bolt for flange
Stud for flange
Nut for Bolt/Stud
Differential Pressure Transmitter (DPT)
Condensate Pot
Air Header
External Chamber for Guided Wave Radar Transmitter / Level Switches
Level Calibration Ports