Instrumentation Fittings

Series: GF

Genese There are many technologies and instruments used for measuring, monitoring and controlling processes in a seemingly endless array of applications spanning across process industries. Each instrument in every application requires Instrument Fittings best suited to ensure accurate and reliable results. We are here to provide you with unparalleled instrument fittings.

Quality assurance programs strictly conform to relevant national/international standards and Instrumentation Fittings are inspected and tested at the factory before shipment.

Products List

Reducing Union
Bulkhead Union
Bulkhead Reducing Union
Union Elbow (90°)
Bulkhead Elbow (90°)
Union Tee
Union Cross
Male Connector (NPT threads)
Male Connector (ISO tapered pipe threads)
Male Connector (ISO parallel Rp threads)
Male Connector (ISO parallel Rs threads)
Male Connector (ISO parallel threads) with “O” Seal
Male Connector (Straight UNF threads) with “O” Seal
Male Elbow-90° (NPT threads)
Male Elbow-90° (ISO tapered pipe threads)
Male Elbow-90° Positionable (ISO parallel threads)
Male Elbow-90° Positionable (SAE/MS straight threads)
Male Elbow-45° (NPT threads)
Male Elbow-45° Positionable (SAE/MS straight threads)
Male Elbow-45° Positionable (ISO parallel threads)
Male Run Tee (NPT threads)
Male Run Tee – Positionable (ISO parallel threads)
Male Branch Tee (NPT threads)
Male Branch Tee – Positionable (ISO parallel threads)
Female Connector (NPT threads)
Female Connector (ISO tapered pipe threads)
Female Connector (ISO parallel threads) for Manometers
Bulkhead Female Connector
Female Run Tee
Female Branch Tee
Male Adaptor (NPT threads)
Male Adaptor (ISO tapered pipe threads)
Male Adaptor (ISO parallel Rs / Rs threads)
Male Adaptor (Straight UNF threads) with “O” Seal
Reducing Union Tee
Bulkhead Male Connector
Female Elbow
Tube End Closure
Fitting End Closure
Coupling Cap/Nut
Front Ferrule
Back Ferrule