Pressure Switchs & Transmitters

Series: GPS / GPGT

Genese extensive range of Industrial grade indicating Pressure Switches & Pressure Transmitters (Indicating Pressure Switch, Blind Pressure Switch and Pressure Gauge with Transmitter) are suitable to cater almost all process pressure / vacuum measurement and control needs accurately, safely and reliably. Pressure switches are designed and engineered to satisfy process requirements of almost all process industries under extreme environmental conditions.

Pressure switches (Indicating or Blind or with Transmitter) available with diverse process connection designs, dial sizes, sensors like Bourdon, Diaphragm, Bellow or Piston enable a flexible measuring and controlling point design. Cases in SS & Aluminium with or without liquid fill available in weatherproof as well as flameproof are particularly versatile.

Quality assurance programs strictly conform to relevant national/international standards and Pressure Switches / Pressure Transmitters are inspected, tested and calibrated at the factory before shipment.

Products List

Pressure Switch-Indicating
Pressure Switch-Indicating type (Dry Case-Weatherproof)
Pressure Switch-Indicating type  (Dry Case-Flameproof)
Pressure Switch-Indicating type  (Liquid Filled Case-Weatherproof)
Pressure Switch-Indicating type  (Liquid Filled Case-Flameproof)
Pressure Switch-Indicating type-Low Pressure (Dry Case-Weatherproof)
Pressure Switch-Indicating type-Low Pressure (Dry Case-Flameproof)
Pressure Switch-Blind
Pressure Switch-Blind type (Bellow sensing)
Pressure Switch-Blind type (Diaphragm sensing)
Pressure Switch-Blind type (Piston sensing)
Pressure Gauge with Transmitter
Pressure Gauge with Transmitter (Dry Case)
Pressure Gauge with Transmitter (Liquid filled Case)
Pressure Gauge with Transmitter (Solid Front-Dry Case)
Pressure Gauge with Transmitter (Solid Front-Liquid filled Case)