About Genese

Genese promoters are Mechanical and Instrumentation engineers with 30+ years of hands-on experience starting from selection of best quality raw materials, design, development, manufacturing, testing and calibration of process control instrumentation products for temperature, pressure, flow and level process parameters is our core advantage to serve our customers. A team of innovators and problem solvers, whether it’s a unique, customized solution or a standard product from our catalogue.

Genese products, services and solutions have proven their accuracy, reliability and durability in applications ranging from large industrial processing plants to highly specialized laboratory testing and OEM’s. We always   recommend the most effective product, custom design and a solution to your application needs.   Individual requirements are accurately implemented through constant contact with users, and the product range is continuously supplemented through tailored continued developments.

Genese can be your fully-integrated source for process control instrumentation products & services. With over years of expertise, our customers count on us to help them meet their most complex challenges. We provide innovative solutions, products and services on time and at a competitive cost for a variety of industries in India and worldwide.

Genese  expertise in process control instrumentation products mainly in Temperature, Pressure, Flow and Level parameters which includes Sensors, Gauges, Switches, Thermowells, Protection Tubes, Flow Elements, Instrumentation Fittings, Valves, Cables & Accessories, Mineral Insulated (MI) Cables, Transmitters, Indicators, Controllers, Scanners, Recorders, Data Loggers, Test/Calibration instruments/equipments and many more.

Genese  serving a broad range of industries like Power generation (Atomic, Nuclear, Thermal, Hydro & Green), Defense systems, Government-R&D/Labs, Aerospace, Ship Building, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Water & Wastewater Treatment, Mining, Cement, Iron/Steel & Glass Production, Industrial Gases, Oil & Gas Exploration & Refining, Bulk/Specialty Chemical, Petrochemical, Fertilizer & Agrochemical, Paper & Pulp, Textile/Synthetic Fiber, Instrumentation, Automation, Autoclave, Fuel Cell, Cold storage, OEM’s like Boiler, Furnace, Incinerator, Pumps, Rotating Equipments, Semiconductor, Reactor, Process equipment and many more.

Genese is committed to a goal of a 100% Quality Rating through its focus on continuous process improvement, the proper selection and training of its employees and understanding its customer’s needs completely.

Genese works with our suppliers to achieve the highest quality with the lowest cost results, among many initiatives.

Genese objectives are to be a valued partner to our customers by providing the highest quality products and services with the lowest cost within stipulated time period and continue to contribute to the development of the community and nation.

Genese  quality assurance programs strictly conform to relevant national / international standards.