Instrumentation Cables

Series: GCI

Genese supply Instrumentation Cables, single or multi-pair/triple elements designed to carry signals. They are used for connecting instruments and electrical equipment especially in plants process control is required where Sensor/Transducer-generated signals are transmitted through cables to panels, controllers and other devices.

These can be insulated with Polyethylene (PE), cross-linked Polyethylene (XLPE), Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) or Silicone (Si). They also generally have a PVC outer sheath or low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) sheathing for areas where smoke and acid gas emission would cause a serious problem in a fire situation.  Instrumentation Cables are generally Pair Constructed with Shielding and in general center conductors are in the range of 18 to 24 AWG with strands of 32 to 36 AWG.

We stocks a wide range of Thermocouple grade, extension (x) and compensating (c) cable for all types of thermocouples. These are available with a variety of insulation materials: PVC, Silicon, PTFE, MFA, PFA, Fiberglass and Ceramic fiber. Stainless steel braiding can be used to protect the insulation material in adverse industrial environments, thus offering better mechanical protection.

Quality assurance programs strictly conform to relevant national/international standards and Flow Elements / Assemblies are inspected and tested at the factory before shipment.

Products List

Thermocouple grade Cable
Extension grade Cable
Compensation grade Cable
Multi-pair thermocouple cables