Flow Elements & Assemblies

Series: GFE

Genese Flow Elements(primary elements/devices & secondary devices) with high accuracy and reliability  available from 15NB to 5000NB (1/2” to 200”) and pressure up to 250Kg/Cm² and temperature up to 1000°C for liquid, gas & steam services.

Orifice Plates & Orifice Plate Assemblies: Orifice Plates (primary element) are the most commonly used standardized cost effective and reliable solution for differential pressure flow measurement apart from diaphragms seals.  It allows measurement over a wide range of flow rates and pipe diameters.

Several types of “Orifice Plates” available such as “Concentric square edge” – the best known, the others are “Conical entrance” and “Quadrant edge” for the measurement of low flows or viscous fluids and the “Eccentric” & “Segmental” for the measuring dirty or impure fluids. Finally, the “Multi-hole (Conditioning) allows a measure of quality while providing a minimum footprint.

Inserted within a circular pipe, they create an obstacle, increase the speed of the fluid and generate a pressure difference between upstream and downstream of the restriction. This differential pressure measurement is proportional to the flow rate value.

Main features includes (1) Best accuracy, repeatability, reliability (2) Use for custody transfer metering (3) Quick and easy installation and commissioning (4) Very good long life-time (5) Cost effective and maintenance free (5) Different types available depends on application

Restriction Orifice Assemblies: Multi-Stage Restriction Orifice Assembly designed for reduces the pressure or flow of fluid passing through.  It can consider when the target pressure drop cannot be achieved with a single plate. It prevent from cavitations as well as important levels of noise or vibration. Single-hole or multiple-hole type multiple orifice plates can use in a assembly according to process requirement.  Single-stage restriction orifice assembly also available on request.

Carrier Rings (Annular Chambers): The Carrier Ring (Annular Chamber) is proposed for Orifice Plates or Venturies or Nozzles for more stable and precise averaged pressure measurement.  It has several advantages like it favors the circulation of the fluid over the complete circumference of the pipe work and offers a more stable and precise averaged pressure, in the case of the orifice plate, it also allows to change only the plate in case of maintenance or change of process compared to a Monoblock where the complete system must be changed. This type of mounting is particularly recommended for pipe size up to 2”.

Monoblocks: Monoblocks are machined out of single bar stock with integral orifice plate and pressure taps. This has the advantages of simple installation like mount it between flanges or weld directly with pipe.  All types of orifice plate edge can be made in a single-piece version. Monoblock with integrated pressure taps for ease of installation.

Flow Nozzle & Flow Nozzle Assemblies: Flow Nozzles are generally used for flow measurement of high velocity flows. It is more stable at high temperatures and velocities than an orifice as it is rigid bar stock machined and it is used in wide variety of applications that include Gas, Steam, Air, Water, Vapour, Chemical Liquid/Fluid etc and where Venturi tubes are too long to use.  The nozzle doesn’t rely on a sharp edge which can wear out or damage over time, therefore offering excellent long-term accuracy.

To combine the low pressure loss and the short length of the primary element for high velocity flow measurement, we also have a special device called “Venturi Nozzle”. It comprises a convergent entrance section of the same profile as the ISA1932 Nozzle, cylindrical throat and divergent outlet.

Main features includes (1) No need of calibration – standardized principle applied (2) Best accuracy, repeatability & reliability (3) Use for non viscous fluids at high velocity (4) Especially suitable for high velocity measurement of vapor flow (5) Very long life-time product.

Venturi Tubes: Comparing with orifices and flow nozzles, the Venturi tube generally is of a little more complicated structure, requires more material and costs and tends to be larger in size. However, Venturi tubes offer advantages including an extremely low pressure loss, a higher durability and a lower chance of catching a sludge media and sediment than other throttle elements. The Venturi tube is mostly used for measurements of flow wherever a minimal loss of pressure is important.

Main features includes (1) No need of calibration – standardized principle applied (2) Best accuracy, repeatability & reliability (3) Very low pressure loss (4) Low requirements in terms of upstream & downstream lengths (5) Suitable for all types of fluids & large flow range (6) Very long life-time product.

Averaging Pitot Tubes: It is a multi-port velocity averaging device which generate differential pressure with lowest permanent pressure loss, thus providing maximum energy saving. This is suitable for large pipe diameters as the installation is easy and less expensive. It average measurement over the entire length of the sensor tube/bar.

Wedge Flow Meters: Wedge Flow Meter highly robust and resistant to wear, preferably applied in difficult-to-meter line fluids, like air entrained liquids, particular entrained liquids, high viscous liquids or slurry liquids, which are abrasive or fibrous. It is also good to use in clean liquids, gas, air and steam. Additional features like bi-directional flow measurement possible and very low Reynolds Nos.

Flow Straightners: Flow Straightner is a device which consists of straightening tube bundle in which tubes running parallel to each another that helps to improve the flow profile of a given fluid stream after passing through an upstream disturbance/obstruction. It is positioned between a pipe fitting (elbow, reduction, etc.) and a flow measurement element while respecting the distances specified in the standard.  Flow Straightner make it possible to reduce the upstream straight lengths and to improve the measurement accuracy in the case of a flow measurement.

Flow Straightner used for the applications with limited available straight run.  We can design a flow “conditioner” to help improve the profile shape just upstream from the point of measurement.  Depending on the line size, the flow Straightner is typically installed in a prefabricated meter assembly.  These include straightening vanes, tube bundles and sector plates.

Flow Conditioners: Flow Conditioner reduces disturbances and also allows a good redistribution of the speed profile, at each point of the section of the pipe.  It is positioned between a pipe fitting (elbow, reduction, etc.) and a flow measurement element while respecting the distances specified in the standard. Flow conditioners, improves a flow meter’s accuracy by delivering uniform flow profile at the sensor location.

Aerofoil’s: Aerofoil is a square or rectangular shaped duct type differential pressure producer widely used to measure air/gas flow rate based on differential pressure principle.  Its straight length requirement is less compared to other flow measuring elements is an added advantage.  It is also very economical and useful to use with large duct/line where use of other differential pressure elements are expensive or difficult to install.

Condensate Pots: Some steam and vapor applications require the use of a small vessel called “condensate (or seal) pot” to prevent condensation or foreign material reach up to instrument which may cause damage of instrument.  They are also used to protect the instrument from a high temperature process application.

Air Headers:

Air Header is a series of multiple valve assemblies that operate from one originating point. The assembly with several branches of outlets for delivering instrument air to multiple uses.  When compressed air, steam etc. contain water vapor to be discharged, air headers can be assembled vertically, and a drain valve can be installed at the bottom to regularly discharge condensed water from the air headers to prevent water from entering the instrument.

We offers an array of accessories to complement our primary flow elements for a more complete flow and control solution.

Quality assurance programs strictly conform to relevant national/international standards and Flow Elements / Assemblies are inspected and tested at the factory before shipment.

Products List

Orifice Plate
Orifice Plate Assembly
Integral Orifice Assembly
Meter Run Assembly
Restriction Orifice Assembly
Carrier Ring (Annular Chamber)
Flow Nozzle
Flow Nozzle Assembly (Flanged)
Flow Nozzle Assembly (Weld-In)
Venturi Tube
Averaging Pitot tube
Cone Flow Meter
Wedge Flow Meter
Flow Straightner
Flow Conditioner
Flow Indicator
Flow Switch
Condensate Pot
Air Header